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To get in touch with Bonnie please leave a reply below. Bonnie can also be reached through Caitlin Press at or at 604.885.9194 or 1.877.964.4953


8 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. beverly parcells said:

    Hi Bonnie,
    Just read your book, Silenced. THANK YOU! I am a member of J troop, a forgotten and silenced female member. You are the first person to publicly recognize the other first (29) women who also graduated from Depot in 1975. I along with 6 other members were the first female members stationed in O division at T.I.A. I am presently being assessed for PTSD for a VAC pension, resulting from the insidious treatment I suffered while in service 1975 to 1980, I managed to honour my 5yr contract. I resigned for my life, if not as my doctor stated to me, “They would kill me” by my own hand. My resignation saved me physically but not emotionally. I would love to share my story with you, it is like much of what you have cited in your book but with , I believe pertinent insights, of how my life became a captive of the Force, to this date , 40 years later. I can put in no other terms than I became a prisoner of the RCMP. Persons such as yourself , Catherine Galliford and the many others who have had the ability and strength to speak out, for justice and a desire for an improved RCMP, have assured me I wasn’t crazy, I wasn’t weak, that in fact I was better than ‘good enough’.

    Given your service you must know first hand the exclusion from the Force, your rank caused, add being a female and a bright one, all three were reasons for all forms of harassment to ensure resignation. I have tried to find and contact my former J Troop mates to no avail, even the Force, has tried to deny its place in history( an interesting story). When I resigned from the Force, I had full intentions on writing a book, having each of the girls write a chapter, of their experience, however my family were so very concerned for my health and their strong belief that the Canadian public were not prepared to believe or accept this of their ingrained national image/reputation of the RCMP. If only. I and others had spoken up so many others would not have been hurt.
    I look forward to hearing from you… has been a very lonely journey. Thank you again.


    • Hi Beverly,
      Thank you for your kind email and for sharing some of your story with me. I have had other female members, some serving and some retired, also thank me for writing the women’s history. One said what you did: that it helped her to feel as though she was not alone. It was particularly tough in the 70s and 80s in the force, although given some of today’s headlines I wonder if it’s still a pretty tough place for women. I encourage you to write your story down, even if you have no intentions of publishing it right now. Record your thoughts and recollections and then refer back to them if you have an opportunity to publish. I don’t have another book about female members planned right now, but will definitely keep your contact info and get in touch with you should I decide otherwise. Thank you for your courage and for your sharing your thoughts about the book. It really was encouraging to hear from you. Thanks for reminding me that the research and the journey toward publication were definitely worth it! All the best.


  2. Manon Eburne said:

    Hi Bonnie,

    Thanks for writing this book. I saw your interview on TV and I immediately ordered the book. My name is Manon Eburne(Schneider), Regimental number 36102. I was sworn in on July 2, 1980. I was unilingual when I entered Depot. I was a female and I was speaking French welling to learn another language to fulfill my dream of becoming a police officer. It certainly did not prepared me for what was going to develop over the next 24 years of my career.

    I spend all my service in British Columbia which included 6 months in Red Serge duties at the BC Pavillon during Expo 86. I retired July 3, 2004. I actually recognized myself on your book. I was a member of the “E Division Ceremonial troop. I did everything I could to show I could to “the job”.

    Your book brought back good and bad memories. I wish I had known you before you wrote this book. I worked at “E” Division HQ starting in 1990 Federal Enforcement, Custom and Excises, Recruiting/”E Div Official Language Coordinator and Medias before asking for a transfer because of my supervisor and officer. I went all to way to the CO and nothing was done.

    I completed survey after surveys during my 24 years, I documented and reported incidents nothing was done. I experienced firsthand what Cathetine Galliford went through. I could go on and on but I won’t.

    Thank you

    Manon Eburne


    • Hi Manon,
      Thank you very much for your kind words. They inspire and encourage me! I had two goals in writing the book: the first, was to tell Canadians the story of women in the RCMP and, second, to encourage female members (serving and retired) that they were not alone. And I’m glad to hear that someone caught me on TV! I hate doing live television, so it was worth it to hear that you saw the interview and bought the book.

      I am currently doing some research on RCMP culture, and I wonder if perhaps you might be open to being interviewed? We would sign an interview agreement which I will provide, and which will give you the opportunity to control any aspect of your interview material. I will also give you a list of questions ahead of time and will record the interview. I want you as comfortable as possible when talking with me and of course I would not use your name but a pseudonym. I would keep your identity confidential (just as I did with those I interviewed for the book) when using your interview material. Also, I want to be sensitive to where you are at right now. I’ve interviewed some women struggling with PTSD, so I don’t want you to be placed in a situation that would cause harmful memories to resurface or undo any counseling you may be having.

      Regarding the interview, I am specifically interested in the year 1986. Do you remember the meeting held by E Division with Ottawa reps present following the publication of an article in the Vancouver Province newspaper where 5 female members came forward to talk about sexual harassment in the RCMP? Did you happen to attend that meeting? Or do you know someone who did who also might want to be interviewed?

      I live in the LMD so would be willing to meet you anywhere in the area. Let me know if you’re interested. Thanks again for getting in touch with me.



  3. Hannah Black said:

    Hi Bonnie,

    I attended the “Women in Policing” event at the University of Fraser Valley (UFV), last fall 2015, where you were a panelist. That night I bought a copy of your book and thoroughly enjoyed it. The Criminal Justice Students Association (CJSA) is planning on hosting a similar event this spring on the evening of March 9th to celebrate International Women’s Day. Due to your valued perspective and insight that you displayed last fall and that is written within your book, we’d really appreciate your participation in another panel discussion. If you are interested in volunteering your time and being on our panel of distinguished women, then please email me so I can give you more details regarding the event. If you are interested in selling more copies of your book there will be encouragement and a table to do so.
    Take care,

    Hannah Black


  4. Heather Kelley said:

    Hello Bonnie,

    I was in your Gender and History Class at SFU a number of years ago and was hoping to connect with you. I am thinking about graduate studies and wanted to talk about your experience. I wrote my major paper for your class on Female Representations of Masculinity in 1920s Britain and did a big presentation about that, if that jogs your memory. Please email me



  5. I recently read your Doctoral Dissertation while doing research for a Novel I’m writing. It was very enlightening and will contribute significantly to one of my character’s development. Thank You very much for that detailed discussion.

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    • Hi Dale,
      It’s nice to know that people read the dissertation! Good for you and thanks. Glad it will contribute to your novel. Please let me know when it is published. Would like to read it and meet your character — presumably a female police officer! I appreciate your comments.
      All the best,


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