Bonnie is available for speaking engagements, book readings, and media interviews.

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Author photo.

To get in touch with Bonnie please leave a reply below. Bonnie can also be reached through Caitlin Press at or at 604.885.9194 or 1.877.964.4953

2 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Adam Steffich said:

    Hey. I found your name in an article online regarding the history of women in the RCMP. It said you joined the force in 1977. The reason why I am reaching out is that I have a close family member who was adopted at birth in 1979, born in Vancouver at Grace Hospital. He has no records of who his birth parents are. The only info he has is that his birth mom was a police officer at the time of his birth somewhere in the lower mainland and that she was originally from a maritime province, possibly Nova Scotia. Does any of this ring a bell to you of someone you may have worked with or is there a direction you can point me in to find out any information. I hope you get this message and look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you!
    Adam Steffich


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